It’s Yesterday Once More

If you live the vintage lifestyle or like to mix vintage pieces with contemporary fashion, you’ve found your home away from home. Come visit us at the Southern Antiques Centre in Sydney.

Bowerbird Vintage specialises in hand sourced vintage fashions, vintage hats, true vintage accessories, and vintage bridalwear.

1980’s Crinoline Style Tulle Petticoat / Skirt

Eclectic, Sustainable, Unique – Vintage Fashion

With a range that extends back into the 1920s and then clear into the 1990s, you’ll be certain to find just the right piece to wear to a special event—or even every day! Whether you have a hankering to be a 60s mod or a 1980s Material Girl, we can help you find just the right vintage pieces to fit your lifestyle.


Mix and match eras for an eclectic look that spans the generations. There’s something for everyone here.


Want to decrease your carbon footprint while still maintaining your high standards of quality? Vintage fashion and homewares help you repurpose and recycle high-quality pieces instead of buying new. Sustainable fashion at a price that won’t break the bank: the best of both worlds!


With vintage fashions, you can buy a one-of-a-kind item that few others have. Personalise your wardrobe and your home with our hand-picked pieces that reflect your personality.

Personal Service Is Our Stock in Trade

Not only do we sell vintage apparel. We take an old-fashioned approach to service that never goes out of style.

Helpful, Friendly Management: Our owner, Kim, is not there just to sell you an item and get you out the door. She, too, has a passion for vintage fashion. She comes to work every day to find out what vintage fashion you’re passionate about. When she gets to know your preferences, she’ll let you know when something comes in that you may like. Since we’re located in an antiques centre, Kim may also introduce you to some of her neighbours’ wares once she finds out the kinds of items you like. She’s that kind of shopkeeper!

Our Owner’s Expertise Goes to Work for You: Kim can talk for hours about the differences and similarities in the fashions down through the 20th century. Want to know why paisley was all the rage in the late 60s and early 70s? Curious about the inspiration for the space age relics of the 1950s? Ask Kim – she’ll be happy to share her knowledge with you.

And, for the Vintage Bride…We Make Your Dreams Come True

Nothing exemplifies our personal approach to service more than our bridal department. Theme your wedding with vintage bridal apparel and accessories from Bowerbird’s huge range of bridalwear. Our knowledgeable personnel can help you select just the right pieces to make your wedding seem as if it took place long, long ago.

Want vintage, retro or collectable homewares and antiques as gifts? Toss out a hint to your wedding guests to come shop at our partner stores in the Southern Antiques Centre for a great selection of antiques, vintage, retro and other unique objet d’art for your vintage home.


Bowerbird Vintage Shop

But Don’t Take Our Word for It…Here’s What Our Customers Say…

Here’s a letter from one of our many customers, overjoyed at the prospect of having a whole store chock-full of gorgeous vintage fashions to choose from:

“Firstly just want to let you know how much I love your store at the Antiques Centre. My husband had to literally drag me away!!
The way you have your space set up is wonderful. So eye catching with so many fabulous items. I honestly could have stayed there for hours. 🙂
Can’t wait to see what else you have sourced!!

Take a Trip into The Past with Our Vintage Fashions

For a trip into the past, come visit us at Bowerbird Vintage, located in the Southern Antiques Centre, 245 Princess Highway Kogarah NSW 2217 (Cnr English Street) in Sydney. Spend a day, not a fortune, with the vintage apparel experts here at Bowerbird. Contact us today to find that one piece you’ve always wanted. Spend a day–not a fortune–with us at Bowerbird Vintage.

For our Inner West retro vintage lovers you can get your fix at The Urban Underground. Thats right we have a couple of racks of treasures waiting for you at the Pop Up Shop @Lower Ground “Black Toast” 43 Booth Street,
Annandale, New South Wales, Australia, NSW 2038.