Penelope in a vintage coat

Eclectic, sustainable, and unique, vintage apparel from Bowerbird Vintage gives shoppers a glimpse into yesteryear when they step inside this Sydney treasure.

Step Back into an Earlier Time

The minute you step in Bowerbird Vintage, it’s as if you stepped through a time portal. From the charming interior to the fashions hanging on display racks, you feel welcomed into a gentler time.

20th Century Vintage Clothing for Every Occasion

With its wide range of exquisite vintage clothing for both men and women, along with vintage hats, handbags, evening wear and other accessories, Bowerbird Vintage has something from nearly every decade of the 20th century—from the 1920s to the 1990s:

  • Fur wraps
  • Gloves
  • Earrings, rings, watches, and necklaces
  • Fascinators and other vintage millinery
  • Blazers
  • Dresses
  • Coats
  • Capes
  • Evening wear
  • Bridal wear

To complement these vintage designs, the shop also stocks contemporary jewellery and other accessories: handmade and high quality, yet at prices anyone can afford.

Vintage Bridal Apparel

For the bride who wants her wedding to reflect her taste for all things vintage, Bowerbird has a gallery of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and mother-of-the-bride dresses, as well as vintage dresses for guests who want to get in on the spirit of the occasion.

Vintage Fashions for Special Occasions

Whether you have a dinner party, a dance or just a day at the races, you can go there in style for less when you dress in one of Bowerbird’s vintage selections. Made with the attention to detail and quality materials craftspeople put into every design in years past, these gorgeous pieces are designed to last for many decades more. For people who live in St. George and the Inner West, Bowerbird is your go-to shop for vintage apparel selected just for special occasions—like yours!

Our Story

Our founder, Kim Iovannella, fell in love with vintage fashion at a tender age. As a child, she haunted second-hand shops with a passion few children develop until later in life. To her, it seems almost “an addiction.”

Yet it’s an economical, sustainable addiction. Not only does buying vintage apparel reuse material already sourced from nature, but it also costs much less than buying newer clothing. Unlike gambling, an “addiction” to vintage is always a sure bet.

In her own wardrobe, Ms. Iovannella loves to mix and match her vintage pieces with ones from other eras, as well as with contemporary pieces, for a one-of-a-kind look. She encourages customers to experiment with what fashion profile suits them best: sticking to one era or combining several eras for an eclectic look.

To stock her shop, Ms. Iovanella goes on the prowl: to garages, charity shops, and other markets to find just the right pieces for her customers. Because she has become well-known in the local area, often sellers will approach her with vintage pieces they want to unload.

When she evaluates a piece, quality is first and foremost in her mind. Secondly, she keeps in mind her current stock to see if a new piece will complement pieces in her existing collection. It’s not easy, she says, to find quality vintage pieces—yet she persists—for the passion for vintage fashion.

Ms. Iovanella develops a personal connection to each of the items she stocks. She speaks of her sold items as if they were beloved pets, “…gone to good homes, good families.”

For people who want to live life as it was in an earlier time, or for those who just like the fashion flair that comes from pairing a one-of-a-kind vintage piece with contemporary fashions, Bowerbird Vintage is the place to visit in the greater Sydney area.

Eclectic, Sustainable, Unique – Vintage Fashion

Eclectic, sustainable, unique: vintage fashion from Bowerbird Vintage is your source for quality vintage apparel at affordable prices.

Come spend a day with us at Bowerbird. Discover the magic when you put on one of yesterday’s fashions. We’re located at the Southern Antiques Centre, 245 Princess Highway Kogarah NSW 2217 (Cnr English Street) in Sydney.