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This month at Bowerbird Vintage we are getting nostalgic, music can transport youback in time, to a specific memory, evoking powerful emotions.
Have you noticed how music that you heard when you were young hold strongerconnections than those that you listen to now?

Music does not only take you back in time but can transform your mood. I don’t know about you but for me, if I am feeling good, I want to listen to music that reflects my mood, if I am feeling mellow, but know I have to go out, Ill put on a song that perks me right up.

Just as music can influence an individual, music is influenced by individuals, what is happening socially and economically; the culture of the time.

During the 50’s it was all about rock and roll, doo-wop, pop, swing, rhythm and blues, blues, country and rockabilly. With Elvis Presley reigning supreme during this period.

While pop and rock and roll continued into the 60’s a culture of beat bands emerged and dominated the charts, yep that would be The Beatles.

Bowerbird Vintage - Music & Fashion - The Beatles Bowerbird Vintage - Music & Fashion - Elvis Presley

Enter the 70’s where rock ruled the charts. There was; progressive rock, glam rock, soft rock, punk rock. There was a rock for every occasion!
Just think; Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen – talk about an eclectic bunch!

Bowerbird Vintage - Music & Fashion - Led ZeppelinBowerbird Vintage - Music & Fashion - David Bowie Bowerbird Vintage - Music & Fashion - Prink Floyd Bowerbird Vintage - Music & Fashion - Rolling Stones  Bowerbird Vintage - Music & Fashion - Bruce Springsteen

The 1980’s was known as a decade of excess and there was an explosion of genres; Rap and Hip Hop – Run DMC, R&B – Michael Jackson, Pop – Madonna,New Wave – Duran Duran, Electronic – Devo, Mainstream Rock – Pat Benatar, Heavy Metal – Iron Maiden, Glam Metal – Motley Crue, Speed Metal – Metallica, Goth Rock – The Cure, Ska – The Specials, Punk – Black Flag &Alternative – R.E.M.

Bowerbird Vintage - Music & Fashion - Michael Jackson Bowerbird Vintage - Music & Fashion - Madonna

One of the biggest influences music had was on fashion. A perfect match.Throughout the ages, the clothes a musician wears is replicated by their fans.

There are a few instant associations

I say: “Bobby-soxer”  and you think of the 50’s
I say “The Mods” and you think of the 60’s
I say “Glam Rock” and you think of the 70’s
I say “Hip Hop” and you think of the 80’s
Then there are specific artist associations such as the suits The Beatles wore, Madonna and that corset dress and Run DMC shell-toe sneakers.

I am sure you have been guilty of this, I know I have, tell me who was your biggest influence? Are you brave enough to share the photographic evidence over onFacebook with the hashtag #bbvmusicandfashion ?

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